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I love these things (apart from family and friends of course).

bulletElectronics - I love electronics and everything about them! These are some of the sites I often (well almost on a daily basis - just kidding) visit:
bulletSony - My favorite Electronics Company!
bulletMy Sony - Sony's membership site to buy products cheaper using points
bulletBestbuy - I love to visit Bestbuy at least once a week!
bulletDeals2buy - My favorite site to get favorite Things cheaper
bulletCrutchfield - They have good photos about Consumer Devices
bulletBlockbuster - My favorite movie rental place
bulletAutos - I love cars too and everything about them! Below are my favorite cars (oh boy! what can I say about these cars):
bulletLexus - My New car is a Lexus RX 330!
bulletMusic - I love Music and my all-time favorite Music Director is Ilaiyaraja!
bulletRaja's Website - Includes Ilaiyaraja's interviews, accolades, complete movie and song listings with year!
bulletRaaga - To listen to Tamil, Hindi and Telugu songs
bulletMusic India Online - To listen to Songs in all Indian languages
bulletSound of India - To learn basics in Indian Classical Music
bulletLaunch - To see English videos
bulletTotal Recorder - Wonderful software to record live stream!
bulletSong Format Conversion Software - Great software to convert different audio formats (mp3, wma, wav)
bulletMovies - You can download or see movies in these sites:
bulletInternational Movie Database - Site dedicated for all movie listings
bulletCinemanow - To watch and download a huge collection of Hollywood movies
bulletNetflix - To rent movies online
bullet India Hut House - To rent Indian movies online
bulletFandango - To book movie, concert tickets online in the US
bulletNow Running - To book movie, concert tickets online in the US
bulletOther Sites - These are some of the sites I visit on a need basis:
bulletMSDN - Microsoft's MSDN site
bulletInfosyncworld - Good site for Cell phone, PDA reviews
bulletBuy Cheap Software - Great site to buy Computer software cheaper
bulletWebshots - Great site for screensavers
bulletVF Factory Outlets - I and my friends go to these stores to buy brand-name clothes, shoes, toys at less than half-price! (added to let people know that you can be a 'fresa' guy but still pay less)
bulletMaps - I go to Yahoo! maps first before trying other sites!
bulletPizza Hut - My favorite Pizzas!

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This page was last updated Wednesday, 07 December 2005